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Hi foodies, and welcome back to my blog.

It has definitely been a fair few months, so what better way then to come back with a post full of pure goodness.

Popcorn Shed, sent me this wonderful selection of popcorn to try. I am always super honest and this selection is one I quite frankly loved so much, I ate the whole box and then ordered more to take photos… Ha!

This popcorn is like no other on the market right now, and at less than 130 calories per small bag, this is guaranteed to be your next (not so) guilty pleasure.



So, the actual popcorn… Many companies on the market spray-on their coatings, with light powders and coatings. You know how some are kinda of tasty, but you kinda wish they had doubled the flavouring?

Well Popcorn Shed uses an ‘artisan cooking process by making a fresh caramel batch with each production run‘. They officially create fresh caramel for example and mix in every kernel to each batch which ensures ‘a deep, rich flavour and provides a lovely texture to every single kernel‘.

Honestly, every single popcorn kernel is INCREDIBLE. So flavourful, so indulgent, so sweet or savoury, and these small bags leave you really satisfied.



The flavours of the popcorn include:

  • Salted Caramel – sea-salted caramel buttery popcorn
  • Pecan Pie – caramel with golden roasted pecans, the added nut crunch is a dream
  • Pop n’ Choc – chocolate caramel with Belgian milk chocolate
  • Berry-licious – tart raspberry and dark chocolate, together it’s a strong indulgent taste
  • Butterly Nuts – peanut butter caramel with roasted peanuts
  • Say Cheese! – mature cheddar flavour, it’s super cheesy
  • Sweet Cheesus – caramel and cheddar cheese, unique combination that totally works!

Trust me… Cheesey popcorn is a game changer!AbsolutelyAnnabelle_PopcornShed_4

The founders Sam and Laura’s mission statement: “To be the number one gourmet popcorn brand choice in the world. To be Innovation leaders. To make great tasting popcorn. To create unique flavours. To provide top quality service…” Guys – you have smashed it!

You can get your hands on these bags of goodness in an array of stores listed here.

Likewise, you can shop the full range here.

I can definitely say these were delicious, and as someone who reaches for popcorn as a go-to snack, these bad boys will now be my list.

So… Do these sound like something you would try? Do you love popcorn? Let me know in the comments below.

Love, A x

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