Pizza at Zzetta

Pizza and I have a love hate relationship. I love nothing more than biting into a hot cheesy piece of dough, but my tummy often rebels and then I regret that moment of heaven. Therefore for me, I tend to avoid Pizza altogether… until now.


Brand new this year, situated in Rathbone Market is Zzetta. The artesian soul fired pizza restaurant, offers vegan, gluten-free, halal and meat pizza all made from locally sourced fresh ingredients.


Owner Of Zzetta – Rob Dewan, says that “Zzetta has a menu that goes far beyond your typical pizzeria. We worked very closely with experienced chefs to develop our unique concept that emphasizes locally sourced products.”

Rob added: “Our mission is to be the leading highest quality pizzeria brand in London. We have affordable prices which allow us to compete against the leading casual modern pizzerias. Our menu is short allowing for both quality and speed of service.”

All ingredients in the Zzetta pizzas such as the cheese, come from Romford and only have a shelf like of 3 days meaning everything is super fresh and packed full of flavours. The team produce everything even the yeast for the pizza bases, so there are no nastys involved. Honestly, the pizza tasted so fresh, but also light and not too heavy. To me, that is important. I walked out of the restaurant feeling full and happy, not sluggish and bloated.


The menu is small, and offers a variety of pizzas with optional sides, starters and desserts. I decided to go for a mushroom and rocket pizza and my friend went for a pepperoni and aubergine. We also chose a side of delicious salad as I love a bit of greenery. The 12 inch dish was delightful, and I enjoyed every mouthful (even saving some for the next days lunch!)

Take a look at the restaurant here.

Address: Rathbone Market, 110 Barking Rd, London E16 1EN

Sound like somewhere you would like to? Let me know in the comment below.

Love, A x


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