Tell Lily O’Briens About an Incredible Person

The London marathon takes place every year, and is a gruelling 26 miles around the city of London. It amazes me each year the sheer volume of people who take part raising money for charity.

The marathon is the final piece to the puzzle and what is sometimes overlooked is the hours and hours each runner has trained. My friend Seaney, ran in all weathers across all different parts of London to train for this big day. I remember one weekend lying in bed all snuggled up, browsing instagram when Seaney’s post popped up of him training in the freezing cold snow. He was dedicated and for that I wanted to nominate him for the Lily O’Briens, ‘nominate a friend campaign’.

Lily O’Briens do THE best chocolates of all time and they have launched this campaign to celebrate those people in our lives who are pretty amazing. These chocolates are my go to when buying for friends and family, and their new summer range is phenomenal. Think all your favourite desserts, in one mouthful – honestly heaven.




You can choose your favourite assorted chocolate collection (obviously mines the new summer collection), upload your most treasured images and your friend being amazing and add a special message.




Seaney absolutely smashed the marathon. He raised over £1,000 for Breast Cancer at Cancer Research UK and fully deserves every single one of these indulging chocolates.

Is there a friend you want to nominate? Find out more here.

Lots of love, A x


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