Soul Sundays at Madison

Madison, where sophistication and class are joined with delicious food and breath taking views. Situated in the heart of London, next to the beautiful St Paul’s Cathedral is the wonderful Madison restaurant and rooftop terrace.

This place is renowned for their attentive service, electric atmosphere and a menu perfect for all day everyday rain or shine. This place is perfect for summer drinks, a brunch with friends or the most incredible three course Sunday roast –  which I indulged on and need to tell you about.


The decor is elegant and stylish, and the restaurant has been designed to allow as much natural light in as possible, allowing diners to enjoy the views over London.


So onto THE most important bit, the Soul Sunday Roast featuring three courses for £38 per person, including half a bottle of red or white wine. Not only does this include honestly the best roast you will ever eat, but a live soul band that are incredibly talented and make this a really wonderful dining experience.


I dined with my partner and we both ordered different dishes, so we could try as much as possible.

This was my idea –  and I am so pleased we did because honestly the dishes were dreamy. For starters we ordered:

  • Heritage beetroot & robiola, with beetroot ketchup, pecan nuts and sprouting lentils. The blue cheese sauce was absolutely delicious and really worked well with the fresh contrast of the beetroot.
  • Salmon carpaccio, with smoked eel and kohlrabi remoulade, shaved fennel and deep fried capers. The smoked salmon was so fresh and all the elements of the dish worked so well together, match made in heaven.


It’s worth noting that you do not have to order the same wine – we both wanted red so the two half bottles meant we were served a full bottle of scrumptious red.

Now onto the main course, we ordered:

  • Roasted fillet of stone bass, with squid & aubergine ragout, green olive tapenade and basil. The olive tapenade worked so well with the succulent fish, this combination was the first time I had tried something like that and will definitely order it again.
  • Ricotta & Parmesan dumplings, with parsley puree, new seasons asparagus , spelt wild garlic and dashi broth. This vegetarian dish was packed full of flavour, the broth stopped this from being dry and really added to dish. There was the perfect amount of broth too without this swimming in sauce and going mushy.


All the dishes were super rich and although not overly large in portion size, the amount of food was by far enough. When it came to dessert, I was so full. Elliot ended up helping me with mine (I swear boys can eat for England).

We ordered:

  • Sticky toffee pudding, with brandy custard and roasted pecan nuts. The sauce came in the cutest little saucepan which I loved!! Things like that always make a dish look so adorable. The brandy custard was divine and so rich.
  • Creme caramel, with poached rhubarb and oat & ginger crumble. This was a perfect combination of soft and crunch. I wasn’t sure how much flavour it would have, but it really surprised me how light and delicious it was. The poached rhubarb was a really nice touch and complimented the other flavours well.


The meal was indulgent and worth every penny of the price tag. The service was consistent throughout, never having to ask for anything, even the wine was poured frequently meaning we could just focus on enjoying the meal.

This Sunday Roast is perfect for couples, groups of friends or families to enjoy. My partner and I didn’t order any of the meat dishes from the menu, but these included Roast USDA Sirloin, Chicken and Pork Belly that all come with the standard roast trimmings. Someone next to us ordered the pork belly and it did look incredible!

Fancy dining here a Sunday soon? Take a look at the Sunday Soul menu here, or fancy finding out more about Madison in general, look here.

Address: Madison Restaurant, Rooftop Terrace, One New Change, St Paul’s, London, EC4M 9AF

Thanks for reading, if you have dined at Madison before, what was your dish and what would you recommend? I would love to hear from you…

Lots of love, A x


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