Boozy Bloggers Brunch with Avenue Cookery School

Last weekend I had the ultimate DIY boozy brunch with the wonderful Avenue Cookery school team and fellow food bloggers. The morning of deliciousness consisted of bloody Mary’s, soda bread and the most AMAZING eggs Royale.

So keep on scrolling to see how I got on…

When I first arrived I was greeted with a Bloody Mary (with added celery of course). This was made with Big Tom tomato juice and Absolute Vodka, and I have to say it was just the right amount of kick this drink needs – and a great start to the day!


We were all spoilt for choice with all the brands that were involved. These consisted of Pip organic orange juice, Denhay bacon, Truffle Hunter truffle oil and Belazu Chardonnay vinegar.


So first up is the soda bread. This simple concuption took literally minutes to make and was incredibly tasty. The added dusting of flour on top made this look extra professional…


On to the pièce de résistance!

For the main brunch meal I got the chance to make my own hollandaise sauce, (which I was very nervous about). I had heard so many stories about how easy it is to go wrong and just turn into some scrambled mess. Luckily Richard was on hand to ensure we got this 100%!

To make hollandaise is actually so easy! It’s simply 2 egg yolks, preferably Clarence Court eggs and a dessert spoon of chardonnay vinegar. This is then whisked like mad in a bain marie on a medium heat until it starts to thicken. After that you just keep adding butter, until a 100g is added. Then simply season, and voila the BEST hollandaise. Although i’m not going to lie, my arteries did hurt at the thought of all that butter…


Next I poached two eggs and layered them on top of my toasted muffins and smoked salmon. I always seem to get poached eggs wrong, but after today have definitely mastered the swirl technique.

*Boil the water, then reduce the heat and swirl the water. Allow the bubbles to disperse and just as the water stops spinning, add the egg*.


Adding that hollandaise sauce was a mouth watering moment, just look!!


Overall, I was super impressed with myself and had to capture all angles before consuming. The added addition of the avocado rose just made this look incredible! I also loved how bright the hollandaise sauce was, the colour of this is determined by the egg yolks – yum!


This was the favourite part of the morning, all sitting down together and eating our creations. Delicious! I love how everyone was so creative and even though we had all made the same meal, they all looked different. There was a choice of toppings, either salmon or bacon. If only I ate bacon, because it looked insanely good! But then Eggs Royale is my all time favourite.


On the way out we were handed the most incredible bag of goodies, including a selection of meats, eggs, oil and muffins. I could not believe the generosity of all the brands and Avenue Cookery School.


This was by far the best DIY boozy brunch I have ever been to and I have already made eggs Royale at least twice this week because of it.

The Avenue Cookery school is a family run company teaching courses from tapas to baking, and I would highly recommend for any event not just to learn how to cook. The atmosphere is fun and relaxed meaning the whole experience is perfect even for a birthday gathering.

Take a look here for more information.

Anyway let me know if you fancy taking part in a cookery class or if you have any tips for a perfect brunch…

Love, A x



  1. October 25, 2017 / 11:42 am

    This looks great! I really want to go to one of these classes.

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