Dining at Searcys, The Gherkin

Searcys at the Gherkin, is an elegant and sophisticated bar & restaurant overlooking the whole of London. Set on the 39th and 40th floor, the stunning views alone provide the ultimate luxury experience.


The lunch time menu is exquisite, and offers a range of superior choices that immediately get your mouth salivating. The lunch package is for three courses and costs £49. Additional sides are £4.50 each and this is not including drinks, but wait until you see the food…


For starters, I chose fish cakes – but these were no ordinary fish cakes. Instead they were Aberdeen smoked salmon fish cakes, egg yolk and salad cress. 

The look of the food alone is like a beautiful work of art. I maybe could have done with a couple more tasty balls, but the food was all so rich and succulent by the end I was very much full.


Next up was the main.  This was Aberdeen salmon with summer Savoy cabbage, baked highland burgundy potatoes topped with cockles and caviar. Hello heaven. 


Finally desert. I wanted something fresh to cleanse the palette, so decided on this seriously scrumptious sorbet. The flavours included strawberry, lemon and blackcurrant.


There was also the option of cheese for an additional £5, which looked Devine. The cheese is matured and supplied by Harvey Brokless. 


After dinner we went upstairs to the bar, the restaurant is currently themed ‘seaside in the sky’.


The views are breathtaking and it’s so lovely to be able to go right to the top of the Gherkin. The glass roof captured the beautiful blue skies and was a truly magnificent experience to sip cocktails and watch the clouds float by. 

Finally, the cocktails. 

This pink one below was LAIKA. This included vanilla vodka, rose liqueur, Lychee juice, champagne. It was delicious! Each drink is a different price but this one was £15 and they start at about £11.50.


There were many more but I’ll just leave it at this one…


Overall I thoroughly enjoyed my experience dining at Searcys at The Gherkin, and thoroughly recommend for anyone who wants something extra nice when in London. This place is normally for members only but they do often open it to the public and certain points in the year. 

Take a look at this restaurant here.

Let me know what you thought to my blog or if you have been here before and how you found it… 

Love, A x


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