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I went to Neverland (twice) and it was awesome! This  place is the ultimate beach bar in the heart of London. A novelty summer pop-up, perfect for an evening out with friends, or a cute date night. There is everything from beach huts, to sand to the most incredible food stands. Keep on scrolling to see what I got up to…


The ultimate back drop to so many pictures, the ‘Neverland’ wall just made this outdoor area. My first time here this summer was with my girls from work (pictured below). We all jumped on board the BYOB and stocked up on many bottles of prosecco. There is a limit on alcohol though, and they do check your bags upon entering.

Each person can bring: Either 1 bottle of wine, prosecco, Champagne OR 30cl bottle of spirits such as vodka, gin or rum OR 6 cans of beer/cider. Neverland provide the cups, but not ice, and all mixers and soft drinks must be purchased there. 


The interior is super pretty, with co-ordinated benches, bins, flowers, hanging lanterns, pebbles, mirrors and large golden swans (used for sharing cocktails). This place is a bloggers paradise and from all angles there is something beautiful to capture. This outdoor bar has a really nice vibe, and the busier it gets the more alive it becomes.


When I was here with the girls we stayed mainly in the covered canopied area, due to the weather not being great but despite this we still had an amazing time, and I knew that was not going to be the only time I would be going this summer.

Standard tickets are £10 including booking fee. This will only get you access to Neverland where you can sit in the main area. If you want to really experience the beach settings, you can rent out the beach huts and day beds at an additional cost. Whilst I was there both times, they were all full for peoples birthdays, and it looked like such a great idea!


When I went back with my partner the second time around, the weather was super hot and sunny and we ventured out into the beach area and sat in the sand. This was actually really romantic (cheeeeeese) but especially when the sun was setting it was nice to be able to sit there and watch it, whilst having having our feet in the sand sipping prosecco.


Now onto the food, by far the most important bit right? There are four popups, all offering something different. From Taiwanese to Italian…


First off, Le Rack Shack. I went with some seriously scrumptious chips tossed in rosemary £3, this combination is a winner and needs to be done more! My partner went for the pièce de résistance – SAUSAGE POUTINE which includes french fries with onion gravy, Toulouse sausage + melted Raclette cheese £7. Oh wow.

I need to mention the Raclette cheese involved melting a WHOLE wheel of cheese under specialist grills forming a bubbling molten layer that was then poured all over the chips!


Next up I ordered these little bundles of tastiness from Sin Chow. These were traditional rice paper rolls stuffed full of king prawns, veggies and noodles, partnered with some sweet chilli sauce for £4.


When I came with the girls they also ordered some taiwanese buns from Le Bao, which are buns made with soy milk and stuffed with braised pork belly and fried chicken £8. Oh, and also some pizzas. These pizzas had the stringiest cheese EVER.


Overall my verdict is, you must go! It’s only around until the 30th of September, so don’t miss out. This place is different and fun, and perfect if you are looking for something to do this weekend…

Find out more here.

Neverland opening times are:
Wednesday – Friday: 6pm -11pm
Saturday: 12pm – 11pm
Sunday: 12pm – 9pm

Address: Neverland London, Wandsworth Bridge Road, London, SW6 2TY


Let me know what you think to Neverland?

Love, A x

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    • Annabelle Arch
      October 25, 2017 / 4:18 pm

      Oh no! They have just opened a winter version (or are about to) – so there is still time x

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