Megan’s, Chelsea 

Situated on King’s Road, Fulham, is the most romantic all day café. Full to the brim of cute decor and freshly baked goods, Megan’s is the perfect weekend brunch location. (Well any day of the week to be honest!)


Once inside, I was greeted by lovely waiter who took my friends and I to our table. There is seating over two floors and outside, but we were seated in the courtyard area. This was essentially the back room but the ceiling was drawn back so we outside. It was fab!

I visited here on a Sunday and the atmosphere was very chilled. Despite being a popular place, I never felt rushed or waited long for my food.

The food at 11am was a breakfast menu, so I went all out and got a full veggie breakfast  – the Veggie Grill. This included (gluten free bread for me), halloumi, poached eggs, mushrooms, avocado, spinach and some spicy tomatoes. The plate itself did look slightly strange but it did taste good!


I dined here with my partner and another couple and we all loved it! The boys went with a full English breakfast including everything from bacon to beans and they were mighty full afterwards – which knowing these boys is quite hard!


See, I told you the decor was cute! Take a look at Megan’s here.

The price of my breakfast was £11.50, plus orange juice £4.50. For the service and location this price was well worth it. Take a look at the sample menu here.

In the evenings this place specialises in Mediterranean cuisine, and I definitely want to go back and taste this!

Does this place sound good to you? Let me know your thoughts…

Love A x


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