Enchanted Cocktails at Blind Pig, Social Eating House

A while ago I saw this place pop up on my Facebook feed for somewhere to go for fairy tale inspired cocktails. It’s my mission to find the most wonderful places in london, so I looked into it and made sure it was the next place I tried out. *Top tip* this place is busy weeks in advance at weekends, so unless you arrive early then prepare to be turned away – and trust me you definitely want to experience these cocktails!…

The nearest station is Oxford Street tube, and when you get here this is what it looks like. Not what you were expecting right?


When I first arrived I was so confused and kept walking up and down until I realised it was the right place after all! Look out for the large oak door with the trademark pigs head, this is your entrance. Once inside and seated, I was handed the enchanted menu. Take a look at all the drinks. Inspired by the most famous children’s books, this menu is creative and fun allowing that inner child to reminisce.


The menus are individually hand painted and reflect each fairytale story in such an adorable way. Each page includes the cocktail ingredients and price, which are around £10 to £12 per drink.


I decided to go for a Winny the Pooh style cocktail that came in these adorable ‘hunny’ pots. This was a mixture of a mojito with a touch of honey and was seriously delicious! The added sweet on top was an added bonus and gave it that extra edge of fun.


The interior is vintage with modern touches, mixed with antiques to LED lights. The overall lighting is dark, making this the perfect place for a romantic date night.


If you are interested in this wonderful bar just off Soho, take a look at the website here.

Let me know if this is somewhere you would like to visit? Or have any suggestions of where I can go next time…

Lots of love, A x


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