Just Eat Food Fest

For one weekend only, Just Eat put on THE best little pop-up where all the most scrumptious food and drink stands came together. This mixed with the fake beach and selfie booth was a perfect mixture of experiential marketing that I thoroughly hope (pray) they do again soon. The food festival was located within the heart of Shoreditch at the join of Great Eastern Street and Old Street. So take a look at what was there…


The mini fake beach was my favourite, unfortunately just after I had taken this photo it started to rain, otherwise I would have definitely jumped on a flamingo with my cocktail!

There was a lot of debating but I ended up eating a vegan tofu green thai curry from Ned’s Noodles, and my goodness it was tasty! Made fresh in front of me, this curry really hit the spot. This event was perfect for smaller companies who sell on Just Eat but are not as well known, I know now who I will be ordering from when i’m hungry…


Food could only be purchased with tokens, one token cost £4.00, and each token could be exchanged for one dish. My curry for example, and the noodles above were plenty, but some dishes two tokens would be needed for a filling meal. I thought £4.00 was a pretty standard price for street food, but drinks were on the more expensive side for example, cocktails cost £8.50.

Upstairs, in the hideaway, was a brightly coloured bar which even had a silver disco ball!! I loved how the #JustEatFoodFest was everywhere, it was a great use of advertising.


(Sorry to the guy I just snapped above!)

This pop-up was a really fun concept and I definitely need to keep my eyes open for anymore of these in the future! It is also worth noting that dogs were allowed to this event, best behaviour though of course. That being said I was running around making jumping gifs, so what do I know…

To find out more about this event and/or to check out the food stalls on offer, take a look here.

Have you got any suggestions for some food places? Or pop-ups you know are coming soon? Let me know!

Lots of love, A x



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