Shochu Lounge, ROKA Charlotte Street

Shochu Lounge in Charlotte Street is the most attractive, sexy underground Japanese restaurant in London. Part of the ROKA upstairs, this dining experience is definitely one to try if you love Japanese cuisine.

Situated in the heart of London, Shochu Lounge offers a casual evening dimly lit surrounded with blossom trees. Like nothing I had really seen before inside a restaurant, this place is fun and perfect for friends or a date night. Roka_Shochu_CharlotteStreet_2Roka_Shochu_CharlotteStreet_10Roka_Shochu_CharlotteStreet_1The decor is stunning with hand painted walls in deep crimson tones.

There is an array of cocktails, (I was slightly confused as there were two menus to choose from). These mouthfuls of joy will set you back £11.90 per cocktail, I went with a Tokyo Rose which was super strong and definitely worth the higher price tag.

*Top Tip – When looking into this place I could not find prices anywhere, so thought I would include them in this blog!*Roka_Shochu_CharlotteStreet_3Roka_Shochu_CharlotteStreet_7The food comes out a couple of dishes at a time, so the dining experience is pro-longed and relaxed. I really enjoyed this kind of dining and weirdly I seemed to get full a lot more quickly. The food above is some amazing Kuruma-ebi (tiger prawn tempura) which were incredibly tasty! These 5 prawns were £15.
We ordered a range of maki rolls and it came out on this wonderful plate. Here is a selection of California Maki (crab meat, avocado, mayonnaise and wasabi tobiko) 5 for £9.60 Ebi Furai to Avocado Maki (crispy prawn, avocado and dark sweet soy) 5 for £9.60 and Avocado Maki (avocado, cucumber and wasabi pea) 6 for £6.60. Roka_Shochu_CharlotteStreet_4
Finally some beef dumplings to finish off the meal (not for me) but they did look pretty good!Roka_Shochu_CharlotteStreet_8I thoroughly enjoyed this rustic-chic cellar bar, everything I ordered was extremely well presented, prepared and very, very delicious. This place is definitely on the more expensive side of dining, but well worth it for the experience alone.Roka_Shochu_CharlotteStreet_6Roka_Shochu_CharlotteStreet_9If this is somewhere you would like to visit, take a look here.

Let me know what you thought to this place below, or if you have been I would love to know what you thought.

Until next time, A x


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