Aviary, Rooftop Bar and Restaurant

Located on the 10th floor of the Montcalm Hotel, the Aviary is one of London’s most gorgeous rooftop bar and restaurants that (is a must try this summer). Situated in Finsbury Square, this rooftop provides stunning views over London’s skyline as well as offering scrumptious food to suit all taste buds.Aviary_rooftop4Luckily enough when I went last weekend the sun was out and seriously warm, so sitting out on the rooftop was beautiful. There are a range of sofas and chairs for small and larger groups, but I definitely recommend booking as this place is going to be a hot spot this summer.

Look at the views!…Aviary_rooftop12Just chilling acting ‘casual’, but really this photo was taken 50 plus times…ha.Aviary_rooftop6The cocktail menu is delicious, with the Aviarys own versions as well as other well known drinks including more summery options. I went for a Frosé. This was similar to a strawberry daiquiri, yet the base was sweet rosé which made this very easy to drink! Cocktails are around £11 each, which is slightly more than average but still good price. Aviary_rooftop5Aviary_rooftop13Sadly the fun came to an end when it started raining! But luckily enough the restaurant staff had reserved a table inside (you can never be too sure in England). As you walk into the main dining room there are an array of stuffed birds of all shapes and colours, including two stuff pheasants. I’m not keen on taxidermy, but this kinda works and matches the style of the restaurant. Aviary_rooftop14Brunch runs from 11-3pm, so my friends and I decided to have a late breakfast but the normal menu runs along side this, so do not worry if you are not feeling eggs benedict at 1pm. Wait until you see my eggs though, hello heaven! I think I might be slightly obsessed with Eggs Royale, I do always seem to choose it.

I will also add, I asked for the hollandaise sauce to be on the side as sometimes it can be too much, and it arrived in the cutest little saucepan. I need one!

For my Eggs Royale, it cost £16 because I chose to have 2 eggs etc. If you fancy just one it’s only £9, compared to standard brunch this is more expensive but so worth it for where the restaurant is and the rooftop views. Aviary_rooftop3Aviary_rooftop9Aviary_rooftop7This nutella marshmallow ice-cream load of goodness is what the girls ordered, and I had to share it with you! Have you ever seen anything look so good?Aviary_rooftop8The interior of this place is gorgeous, and would be a great location for a special occasions, birthdays, date night or just a night out with friends. The relaxed dining area with comfy chairs gives this restaurant and bar a calming ambience. On Saturday there was a live singer which I thoroughly enjoyed and really thought it added to the dining experience.Aviary_rooftop10Aviary_rooftop11Aviary_rooftop2Aviary_rooftop1Take a little look at the place here.

If this place is somewhere you have been or would like to go, let me know in the comments below.

Lots of love, A x



  1. May 30, 2017 / 2:28 pm


    Was thinking of going here for brunch! Can you eat outside or do people usually eat inside? Cocktails look yum x

    • Annabelle Arch
      May 30, 2017 / 2:32 pm

      Hey! You should, it was beautiful in the sun and the views are amazing! You can eat outside as long as you don’t mind the tables being low, I had the option to but then it started raining xx

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