Pergola On The Roof

I’d been waiting to visit Pergola On The Roof, near Shepherds Bush, for SO long! If you have ever seen pictures of this place you will know it’s very ‘Instagram-able’. Where once was a shabby old unused car park rooftop, now lies the most beautiful outdoor location, perfect for the summer. Pergola8From the moment you step out of the designated lifts, the abundance of white will become apparent. Everything is white and pastel coloured, which in the sun just makes everything look so pretty. I arrived here with 3 friends at roughly 6pm and it was realtively quiet, but we had booked a table and there was already a queue forming outside. For groups of 4 people plus, you must book in advance but groups smaller can turn up on the day. Pergola7*Top tip* if you have a look on the Pergola homepage there is a ‘free drink’ button. Click that, sign up and there you have it! It’s a vodka based grapefruit mixture but it tastes good!Pergola2There are menus on every table but there is no table service, instead all around the rooftop are self-service kiosks, including restaurant chains Patty & Bun, Breddos Tacos, ‘Salt N Sauce’ from Bonnie Gull and 8 Hoxton Square. Food consists of seafood platters, crab and fresh fish to burgers, tacos and sizzling bbq’s. So whatever you fancy there will be something to suit.

Drinks are slightly pricey with a single mixer £7, double £8, and food ranging from £6 to £15 per dish.Pergola_menuPergola1Pergola10It might be worth knowing that you can pay by card here, I think in the past it was just cash. Pergola9Pergola4This is open only from 3rd of May to 1st of October, so I definitely recommend visiting before it closes for winter. This place got busy so quickly and once filled with the buzz of chatter turned into one of my favourite places in London.

If you fancy coming here the opening times are:

MON–TUE Closed
WED–FRI 6pm–11pm
SAT 12pm–11pm
SUN 12pm–9.30pm

Take a look at the website here.

If you have been to Pergola before or have any ideas of where I can go next, let me know in the comments below…

Love A x


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