Uniqlo Tate Lates

One of the many things that I love most about living in London, is all the cool opportunities on my door step. There is never a moment where I have nothing to do, and not everything costs an arm and a leg (like most people think). Okay if you want a nice meal then yes, but some things like what I’m about to mention is TOTALLY free.

Uniqlo Tates Lates. This is a different kind of night that occurs on the last Friday of every month. Essentially the Tate Modern, is decked out with DJs, pop-up talks, playful artistic activations and hands-on workshops, night views over London and guided tours around the art galleries. 

Sound intriguing? Take a look for yourself…

This evening is fuelled with artistic flair, from the people who attend to the atmosphere of the bars. Below was one example of that as I stepped outside into a misty fog. I’m not too sure what I was, but I loved running into it!

 So I mentioned the views… Walking up every floor of the museum was worth the pain! Looking out over London and seeing all the sites, made me fall in love a little bit more with this city.

*This evening is popular so jumping in the lift, sadly wasn’t an option unless you are prepared to wait a while.*Inside were the DJs. This free gig was such a fun thing to do and I recommend it if you are heading on a night out or if you want somewhere to come and have a little dance.

It’s free! On a more random note, as soon as I arrived they were letting go of loads of fish balloons…  Obligatory picture of some wonderful art. This museum is very hit or miss and some of the work is intriguing and takes me a while to understand it. Yet, I love it all and think it’s one of my favourite places in London.

Here was one of the seminars, but I should just say workshop. It was crochet making, and there were huge groups of strangers all sat together making and chatting. Wonderful!

Whether you love art, music or trying new things, I recommend you keep this in mind this summer. When you step into the Tate, it seems like it’s own little bubble and you can just get away from the busy city life.

Want to know more such as when the next night will be, have a look here

Let me know what you thought in the comments below, or if you have any recommendations for me to try…

Love A x


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