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So I wanted to share something a bit different with you this time around. Instead of where to go or what to eat, I have an idea for those of you who are keen bakers. Every year when the Great British Bake Off hits our screens, my Facebook feed is flooded with so many amazing cakes that people have just whipped up. I know so many people who love baking and often bake for friends and family occasions, but have not found the right platform to showcase their masterpieces and sell them to others. Likewise, sometimes due to allergies or price tag, finding the right cake to suit you can be difficult.

If either of these is you, then keep on reading!Imagine if there was an Etsy for cakes? So instead of relying on a dedicated Facebook page, you could upload your cakes and people could browse through and pick the cake they are looking for. Well, this is Top Bake. Top Bake is an online marketplace where people sell and buy home-made cakes.

The best thing about this company is that, Top Bake is targeted towards independent bakers selling a huge range of cakes including gluten free, soya, nut free, celeriac (well any cake you want) to homes and local organisations near the baker.

This marketplace is designed to take the hassle out of finding the right baker to suit your taste,  budget, location and convenience. Finding a cake for your special occasion can be tricky, so finding the right person for the job is what this platform will enable you to do! Stressing about your perfect wedding cake? Or desperate to showcase your new batch of birthday cakes? Look no further… Pretty fabulous right?

I obviously had to include me and some cake here haha.

If this is something that interests you and you would like to have a little look further into this new baking phenomenon, take a peak at their website here. Or check out their social sites via the links below:

Facebook: TopBakeUK
Instagram: @topbake
Twitter: @topbakeuk

This has got me thinking. If you could buy any flavour cake for the rest of your life, what would it be?…

A x


This is a sponsored post for Top Bake


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