“Alcoholic” sweets from SugarSin

I really love sweet shops. I love it when you step inside and the smell of sugary goodness over takes your senses. That smell was revisited when I ventured into SugarSin. Just off the main square in Covent Garden is this cute little sweet shop, filled with an array of goodies. This modern day Willy Wonka Factory even sells prosecco flavoured jellies! Scroll down to take a peak inside…

This delightful store even has a selection of Retro sweets, which is super fun. Although on the expensive side, this shop is all about the novelty factor. Positioned close to Theatre Royal, Drury Lane and the Opera House this is the perfect place to get your pre show sugar intake. The sweets are sold in lovely I loved little glass jars, which made the sweets look so appealing. These would be great for presents or a little souvenir from London. Here are the (non) alcoholic sweets! SugarSin have classic prosecco, fizzy prosecco, cuba libre and fizzy rose gummy sweets. I love this idea and not only is it really fun, they also taste SO good!  Like all great sweet shops, SugarSin offered their own selection of pic a mix, which was fantastic! There was a range of pencils (the chewy long sweets with a white middle) which are my all time favourite.So, I had to try the prosecco gummies and thats what I did! (Also, can we just take a moment to appreciate how FABULOUS the plastic bags are, I don’t know any other store to sell bags so flamboyant) These little pieces of nautigtiness were so worth the wait, and tasted so much like the real thing. My only change would be that they actually included prosecco… After seeing the other types of non alcoholic sweets, I am really keen to go back and try them out, especially the rose ones!

If you want to check this place out yourself, have a look at the website here.

The address is:
1 Russell Street
WC2B 5JD, London

The opening times are:

Monday – Wednesday 11am – 8pm
Thursday – Friday 11am – 8:30pm
Saturday 10am – 8:30pm
Sunday 11 am – 7pm

If you have been before please let me know, or if you can recommend any other cool sweet shops in London I am keen to know!

Until next time,

A x


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