48 hours in Barcelona

Last weekend I had the delight of visiting Barcelona. This city is one of my favourite places and every time I go, I seem to find even more new and wonderful areas.

The reason this time for my quick visit was to watch my (not so little) brother run the Barcelona marathon. What an achievement! I have never ran a marathon, and don’t think my fitness will ever be good enough, but my brother was superb and I was incredibly proud of him.

Barcelona Marathon

There were over 17,000 people who took part this year, and the energy and excitement always blows me away when I watch them.

Anyway, I thought I would let you know what I got up to with the hope you get a little bit of inspiration if you ever visit this wonderful city.

Park Güell

The Park Güell is a public park, full of gardens and architectonic elements located on Carmel Hill. As this is situated at the top of a hill the views alone are beautiful.On a clear day you can see the beach and all the streets below. There were so many palm trees which I love when abroad!

This place is famous for the house of Gaudi, pictured below. Antoni Gaudi was a famous Spanish Catalan architect, which is clear to see when witnessing this magnificent building.

I recommend getting here early ish because it is a very popular place. Sometimes it’s nice to enjoy the view before the buzz of tourists.

La Rambla

This is the famous street in Barcelona, like Oxford Street in London (to me anyway). Full of spanish shops, market stalls and restaurants. This area is normally full of the hustle and bustle of tourists, but that to me that makes it so much appealing. *Side note: it is notourious for thieves. Always keep a close eye on your bags and purses*.

Most places to get to are close to La Rambla so it is hard to miss when spending time in this city. Either way, I definitely recommend sitting at one of the open bars, grab yourself a sangria and watch the world pass by.

Spanish Paella

Because this must be an essential when in Spain. Proper authentic paella! As I do not eat meat, this one was all fish and included Prawns, Mussels, Calamari and King Prawns – and was quite honestly delicious. The only one to have beat this was when I visited Barcelona last year!

I recommend finding a restaurant off the main streets, normally the food is much cheaper and you get more for your money! Also, there is less of a wait and it does not feel so rushed.

Boqueria Market

Just off La Rambla is this wonderfully authentic spanish market, which sells everything food wise from fruit, to meat, bread and (even) Prosecco.

This place is a wash with bright colours and smells, and you could easily spend hours here buying and eating your way around. There are restaurants and open cafes to the back of the market so there is no reason to rush. I had to grab a fresh fruit salad. These are prepared fresh each morning, and my one was put together right infront of me. They sell a range of fresh fruits (including coconut – which was SO tasty)!


The beach

What I love most about Barcelona, is that there is a wonderful beach on the edge of the city. This beach is clean, with white golden sand. Just down from the beach is also a docking area for boats which is also nice to have a little look at.

It’s good to know also that next to the boat docking area is nice selection of restaurants and bars too – which get really lively at night!

Quite a busy weekend really! I hope you have liked my post, if you have been to Barcelona before or have any recommendations – please let me know in the comments below!

Until next time,

A x


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