Bottomless Brunch at Bad Egg

It had been a while since I last indulged in a bottomless brunch and I was really excited to try out Bad Egg in Moorgate. This ultimate brunch destination pops up every weekend and is definitely worthwhile trying out if you are in Central London. The bottomless Prosecco lasts for 2 hours, and you can dine until 7pm. This late time is ideal if you are planning to go out after, or if you are looking for a perfect end to a day.

When my group of girls and I got to Bad Egg it was very busy. This is clearly a hot spot and you definitely need to book a table in advance. Despite booking the table for 5pm we didn’t actually get seated until nearly half 5, but once we were seated, the waiter was extremely attentive. Our Prosecco time was started from the moment we got served, so they do value the 2 hours.


badegg10badegg14badegg12The menu (with alcohol including Bloody Marys, Mimosa and Prosecco) is priced at £35.00 and the non alcoholic version including unlimited juices is priced at £23.50. The food is not the normal breakfast cuisine, instead it was indulgent and delicious. There was everything from Macanchini (macaroni cheese balls) to french toast and tacos. The deal includes any 3 small plates, mixing it up however you like.


badegg2So we all had a selection of dishes including savoury and sweet. I loved that you could mix it up, it felt like such a novelty.


Tacos, with guacamole, salsa and a perfect fried egg


French toast with maple syrup and bacon


Fries with cheese and a fried egg


Pancakes with berries and vanilla cream


French toast with maple syrup, fried chicken and bananas

The food was incredible! The portions were small, for example french toast was just half a slice of bread, but the food was so indulgent it felt enough. Especially when accompanied with unlimited fizzy Prosecco. When it came to the bottomless drinks, the staff were pretty constant at keeping us topped up (which is the most important thing)!


This is another boozy London spot that I would definitely recommend, especially with friends or a celebration. In terms of location, despite it being 5 minutes from Moorgate station, we still got lost. This place is hidden away so get your google maps ready!

Check out the place here.

I hope this has inspired you to want to do a bottomless brunch, let me know if you have been to this place or if there is a brunch place you would recommend…

Until next time,

A x


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