Visiting the Lego store, London

Since watching the ‘Lego store opening’ on TV over Christmas I was so excited to finally go. I tried to visit the store after it had just opened but the queue was REALLY long, so I decided to wait a couple of weeks. The wait was worth it, trust me!

This time round the queue was long but I only had to wait 20 minutes which was not too bad. I definitely should have remembered my umbrella though, as the drizzle of rain wasn’t pleasant!

Walking in was such an excitement. I have always loved Lego and visited the Lego land in Windsor multiple times when I was younger. There was Lego everywhere, from the signs to little Lego figures…



Just look at the Lego dragon! At first I thought it was a snake as I could only see the tail. The detail on this was incredible, I cannot even begin to imagine how many Lego bricks were used to create it.


This feature was great, you can choose a pot starting from £6.99 and fill it with as much Lego as you can. There is every kind of Lego in every colour, so this is fab opportunity to load up on any little bits you want.


Walking up the main stairs to the top floor of the shop was this surreal London snapshot. The wall captured all the landmarks of London including Big Ben and The Shard. The detail was amazing and beautiful to look at – a real work of art.


I had to get a geeky picture on the Lego underground train!


Check out the store here.

The opening times are:
Mon-Sat: 10:00-22:00

The store is located between Leicester Square and Piccadilly Circus.

This place is definitely worth visiting when you are next in central London. It is suitable for all ages with all types of Lego. They even have the Simpsons house? So cool!

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