Making Pizza with Terry & George

This Wednesday evening, I had the pleasure of attending a wonderful food fueled event with the eccentric Terry & George, and the team at Whole Grain Goodness. Whole Grain Goodness are an independent, not-for-profit campaign by AHDB Cereals & Oilseeds. The evening centred around the goodness of using wholemeal flour and Rapeseed Oil in cooking, with the bonus of trying it for ourselves in a three course meal. I was in food heaven!

From the moment I stepped foot into the event, I was greeted with some seriously scrumptious canapes. These included a variety of wholegrain flat breads with; chopped tomatoes and chives, smashed avocado with spring onion and grilled courgettes with capers and hard Ewe’s cheese.


Whilst sipping on some Prosecco I thought I would show you the wonderful table and our individual menus. The theme was very neutral, reflecting the natural coloured branding of Whole Grain health. The array of candles and low lighting add such a relaxed ambiance when the sun went down.


The menu of the evening (after the canapes) was:

Wholegrain and Fennel Seed Flatbread Pizza
Creamed Spelt with Soft-Boiled Eggs and Broad Beans
Green Leafy Salad served with Toasted Popcorn and a Choice of Dressings. 

Lemon and Rapeseed Oil Cake

So, moving on to the pièce de résistance. Pizza making! Luckily we had a ‘here’s one I did earlier moments’ when all the bases came out already made with tomato sauce on. So all I had to do was decorate it, I say decorate but really I mean throw everything I can possibly get my hands on and swamp the pizza in it. There was a tasty selection of ingredients too, so I was spoilt for choice. Mozzarella, Sweetcorn, Broccoli, courgetti, basil and artichokes. (Oh and of course a splash of Rapeseed oil to give it that extra zing).


I told you I piled it on!

But once this beauty was cooked (180 degrees for 12 minutes) the end result was not too shabby. I have never had wholemeal pizza with fennel seeds in, but now I would highly recommend it. This added extra was delectable and added a real bite that I had never tasted before.

The creamed spelt was also something I have never tried before. If you have never tried this, it kind of has the texture of porridge but way nicer. This one was creamy and very filling. I really wish I had got the recipe for this, so if anyone does have a tasty spelt recipe, please let me know? Oh, and yeah not to forget the popcorn salad! Weird combination, but it actually really works. Salted popcorn though, do not try it with toffee.


Finally, after all this food, we had the delight of this luscious lemon and sesame seed cake. Made with rapeseed oil instead of butter. The texture of this was so light and fluffy, and the oil seemed to enhance the flavour of the lemon. I have never used oil in cakes, but will definitely be trying it now. This mouth-watering cake was served with a touch of creme fraiche and fresh fruit. This combination I always love, because its such a good explosion of texture and flavour in my mouth.


There it is, my evening with some more wonderful bloggers, Terry & George and the great staff from AHDB Cereals & Oilseeds.

Check out these lovely lot for yourself:

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