Ramen making at Sozai cooking school

Have you ever made Ramen, from scratch? If you enjoy this tasty Japanese cuisine and have a passion for cooking, I definitely recommend you attend a Ramen making class.

I had the honour of meeting fellow bloggers whilst cooking this wonderful dish the other night and wanted to share the experience with you. The class took place at Sozai cooking school in Algate. I won’t lie, whilst everyone else found this easy – I did not. I gave it my best shot, and my result was tasty, but I will be practising these recipes before cooking for others!


There is something so fascinating about how freshly cut noodles look!

This dish is classic cuisine in Japan that most people will only have experience with from eating out. So to learn to make it myself was a great opportunity that couldn’t be passed up.

These noodles were made with:
200g Italian ’00’ Pasta Flour
45ml Hot Water
55ml Cold Water
2g Salt
3g Bicarbonate Soda
1tbsp Corn Starch

Method of making:

  • Mix together bicarbonate of soda, salt and hot water in a bowl until dissolved, and then add cold water.
  • Put all the flour in a bowl and then add all the water mix and mix with a spatula until flour form goes dry.
  • Place the mixture in a pile on your work surface, knead 50 times  or until the dough is no longer sticky and elastic to touch.
  • Wrap the dough in cling film and leave for 30 minutes in a cool place, then once chilled knead the dough again for 50 more times.
  • Dust the dough in corn starch and roll the dough into smaller balls. Set the pasta roller machine to dial 0 and roll the dough through it. Repeat this technique once of each level until number 5, and then place the dough into the noodle cutting section and cut.

One of my favourite parts to a Ramen dish, are the eggs. A perfect Ramen egg is cooked with a gooey middle (see below). These were divine! – and the secret for a perfect egg is to cook it for 6 minutes from adding the boiling water to a cold pan. When this egg was sliced, everyone gazed in ore of how good it looked.


I thought I would treat you and show you the main batch of them. Each and everyone of them looks seriously scrumptious.

In the background is the pressured cooked pork, cooking in an array of flavours. This is the moment I mention that I do not eat meat. So, whereas most people would discuss this part in more detail, I am going to skim over it… (sorry).

The class was very interactive with the opportunity to constantly get involved and help out. This next photo shows the making of the gorgeous sauce for our cold ramen.

The ingredients required are;

1 tbsp + 2 tsp Rice Vinegar
1tbsp + 1 tsp Soy Sauce
2.5 tsp Cold Water
2tsp Sugar
0.5tsp Sesame Oil
English mustard to taste
Optional white sesame seeds
All this is mixed in a bowl and then poured over our fresh noodles. Yum!


Here is the final end result. I was pretty chuffed to be honest. We created Ramen noodles and Ramen soup with Char Shu Pork and Chicken Soup Stock.



These are the main ingredients that we used;  Shoaling Rice Wine, Soy Sauce and Organic Miso Paste all from Yutaka. Yutaka prides itself on providing the most authentic taste, whilst also ensuring they are food sustainable. They manage this by carefully selecting products and ingredients based on welfare of farmed and wild species and avoiding damage to natural resources.

We were lucky enough to take one of these each away with us, which was possibly the best present. Plus, it will allow me to practise making these dishes from home.


I just want to say a big thank you again to ‘Ladies in Blogging‘ for organising such a great evening and to Akemi Yokoyama for Sozai who was the most wonderful teacher.

A x

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      Yes do!! It’s so fun and you also learn so much x

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