A snapshot of Camden 

Known for being the creative and cultural heart of London, nowhere compares to the eccentric markets in Camden. Camden Lock, part of the historic Camden Market, is home to some of the finest and most outrageous designers and artists you will find around. As well as all the independent sellers, there is a huge selection of London’s best food vendors, with a choice of cuisine from all over the world.



One of the great things about this area, is the wide selection of things you can try. I bought a bottle of pure orange juice for £1, and I promise it was the tastiest orange juice I have ever drank.


Hidden around every corner is something different and unique. This horse for example, made special by all the stickers stuck on it by passers-by, can be found by Proud Camden, right in the heart of the markets.

The place itself is a huge market, which winds round and round creating mazes of different shops and stands. You can buy anything from bags and jewellery, to incense and ice cream.


Nothing epitomises the eccentricity of Camden Markets more than Cyberdog. This clothing store has a futuristic feel with heavy trance music. The neon-lit store sells flourescent fashions and accessories for men, women and children. You must wander inside just to say you’ve been.


Even as you walk up the Main Street to the heart of these famous markets, you see these magnificent buildings and their unique style.

To summarise, I wanted to let you all know about Camden, and tell you to take a wonder and experience the buzz for yourself. If you have been, what’s your favourite place?

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