Dining at Benihana

I’ve had my heart set on visiting Benihana for ages, and so for my birthday I knew just the place to go for food! This classic Japanese style restaurant is as much as an experience, as it is fine dining – and this is why it is so fabulous!

Every table sits up to 9 people, so if your group is smaller than that you will sit next to strangers. Not so much a problem if you enjoy socializing (and maybe a little food envy).  The tables all curve round as your own personal chef  works his Japanese magic. I went for a classic meal, which consists of 5 parts – onion soup, a starter, side salad and a choice of fish/meat and rice.

benihana 2

This photograph shows a snapshot of the starter and main being cooked. Everything is done so quickly and delicately. The chefs are as much artists as they are cooks, mesmerizing their audience with their culinary skills. The quality of fish was extremely good, my main was Teriyaki Tuna steak and it was so scrumptious my mouth was watering.


The pièce de résistance was the flaming volcano (as seen above). Who knew onions could be so entertaining?

Benihana is pricey, setting you back around £120 for two people minus drinks, but for a nice occasion, such as a celebration/birthday or hen do –  this is so worth the money. An experience I will never forget.

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