Drinks at Sky Garden

Have you ever been for drinks at Sky Garden? Well, if you haven’t you need this to be on your to-do list when in London. The views alone are fantastic, and on a day like today – we could see the whole of London! For those of you who have been, I’m sure you will agree it’s something you are glad to have done.

Look at the view…

Sky garden

So, as this is my birthday weekend, and what better way to start it then having a cocktail looking out into the big city. (These cocktails below are Berry Mojito and Summer Sip) both were delicious. I’m a huge cocktail fan, Long Island being my favourite but these came close second. Although, these two drinks were £23.00 together. This may be free to visit, but the price comes from everything you may want to buy at the top – pre warning of this.

Sky garden 2

Everything about Sky Garden is light, airy and bright. The glass ceiling allows so much natural light in, you feel part of the sky. There are two bars at the top, and this cute little one is tucked around the back. So, if you want to miss the queues, take my advice and go to this one. The bar staff are lovely too!

sky garden 3

It wouldn’t be a ‘garden’ without a garden, now would it? I LOVE all the flowers, plants and trees here. You feel like you have walked into some beautiful plant sanctuary, only you are 35 floors high above London. Breath taking really.

sky garden 4

Finally, had to finish this off with some selfies at the top.

sky garden 5

Thanks for reading, keep an eye out for my next blog… This is going to be a busy weekend!

Love A x


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